Conférence IGeLU – 9 au 14 septembre 2017

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IGeLU 2016 – Les présentations sont en ligne

The archive of presentations of the 11th IGeLU conference hosted by BIBSYS  and the University Library of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway from the 5th – 7th September, 2016.   Ex Libris presentations will be made available for customers in the Ex Libris Documentation Center. Programme The programme details can be found here: IGeLU 2016 Day 1 – 05th September, 2016   Day 2 – 06th September, 2016   Day 3 – 07th September, 2016

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IGeLU 2016 – Les vidéos du Developers Day sont en ligne

IGeLU 2016 Developers Day videos


Welcome to the DEVELOPERS DAY
Now We’re Talking… Two-way Communication with Alma Using Webhooks
Primo and Alma Analytics APIs with Perl
Primo new UI hacks and UX experiences


Customisation of Primo new UI


A simple collection viewer for the new Primo UI
Reducing cognitive load in Primo
Extending Alma Functionality using APIs: Booking, Inventory, Search
From Symbiosis to Synthesis – Alma and bibliotheca RFID Integration
Creating an Angular.JS/Ionic based web/mobile app – challenges, problems, pitfalls and lessons learned


Visualising and Sharing Multi-Platform Library Analytics with Tableau
Expanded Scanning Service at MIT Library
Red/Green system
EAD, PRIMO and a data management hub
Closing Remarks and Goodbye Coffee

The Analytics, Interop & LOD SIWGs

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Congrès IGeLU 2017

Le prochain congrès IGeLU se tiendra à la Bibliothèque Nationale de Russie à Saint-Petersbourg.

La bibliothèque utilise Aleph et Primo depuis 2014.


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Programme du congrès IGeLU 2015

Le congrès IGeLU 2015 se tiendra cette fois-ci à Budapest. Le programme est d’ores et déjà disponible :


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